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Healing with Self Love & Gaia

I am not sure how many of you believe like I do so I will explain. Please remember take what you want and leave the rest right here. I believe when our bodies have physical pain and/or sickness it has a deeper meaning. What I mean by that is, we are lacking in our lives whether it be a lesson or something we are missing. I have been battling asthma for about 3 months non stop. Don't get me wrong I do suffer from asthma from time to time but this was different. When the usual treatment etc. were not clearing it up I had to take a deeper look into my issues. Turns out I have been taking on too much and not listening to my own teachings of self love and self care. Now I was doing a version of self care but it was at best half ass. I was selling myself short. Not valuing my true self. Now that I have realized that I am getting better. After receiving this message from my spiritual team I did some research and it all coincided. The following is some of the information I found in my research.

The Hidden Spiritual Cause of Asthma

With asthma, breathing in emotionally represents taking on too much, to the extent of taking on more than you can cope with. Also, there will be great difficulty in giving some back. You will not admit to any limitation, even to yourself. There is a need to be stronger than you are just to be loved by others. You may want things to be done your way and when this does not happen, an asthma attack is just the excuse you need to not be as strong as you seem. It is an emotional cause of asthma.

Mentally asthma is sending an urgent message that taking on too much is poisoning and suffocating you. By loving and accepting yourself with all your weaknesses and limitations, it will free you up. When listening closely to an asthmatic’s breathing it might sound like a stifled cry coming from the lungs, as if they are expressing a fear of being unloved, abandoned, without emotional support. Stifled, as if they are not allowed to cry. If they did so, it would be fruitless. This is a fear that is held in the body in an area that we breathe and cry, the lungs.

You can find more on the website below. ( information from above)

I have said all this to say. Don't just talk about it be about it. If you talk about self love and self care be 100% about it. DO NOT HALF ASS LOVE YOURSELF. LIKE ME YOU ARE WORTHY.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Sending you all love, light, positivity, and abundance in all ways on all days. Namaste

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