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I could talk forever on the subject of gratitude. I used to have a problem with being thankful in all situations however I finally got it. I learned to find the appreciation of every single aspect in my life whether it is good or "bad". ( That being said, a bad situation may not be "bad", It may be how you react to it) For instance, my neighbors have a small ranchito and let me tell you they have every animal under the sun on their property. I was spoiled to the beauty of the Peacocks and really love when they join me for meditation or politely ask me for a snack. This is the delight of my day. Then comes the Guinea Fowl. These little obnoxious noise makers love to come at all hours of the day and night. Usually on my front porch. The other morning at 4 am they decided to have a little reunion by my bedroom window. I was like seriously!!!!! Then I took a deep breath and said you know what..... I am so grateful that I have the ability to hear even when the sound is not pleasant to my ears. Everyone doesn't have this luxury!! As soon as I said this they suddenly ran away.. That was an amazing use of gratitude. If you think about it, I mean really think about it, we all should be grateful for all things. Now I use gratitude in every situation. Gratitude moves mountains and shifts your life into a new direction! I promise this is true.

After that I decided to look up the spiritual message regarding Guinea Foul and this is what I found.

Guinea Fowl

As spirit animals, guinea fowls are considered to be excellent guardians and protectors. Spotted feathers are symbolic of the need to release the things from your past that are no longer serving you. Guinea “medicine” is about recognizing that life is not always black or white (right or wrong/good or bad) - there are a lot of gray areas too. Clarity will come when you connect with your higher self.

That in itself was another message for me. Not only did I get a reminder to be grateful, I was reminded to continue releasing the things in my life that are no longer serving my highest good.

I hope this might remind someone about the importance of gratitude.

Infinite Blessings

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