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My Cancer Scare!!

Hello my loves.... Some of you may know that a couple of years ago I had a breast cancer scare. I was blessed to get through that ordeal and the benign nodule was removed and tested to be non cancerous. Over the past year I have had a lot of digestive issues. I completely changed my diet, added more exercise, & tried to live a more healthy lifestyle in general. That didn't seem to help at all. After three hospitalizations and numerous medications I still found no relief. So last October the GI team told me to schedule my colonoscopy. Needless to say the fear in me decided that I shouldn't do that in case it was bad news. I was so stressed and anxious about what could be wrong that it kept me from getting the test done. As if I just ignored it .. it would go away. LOL NOT EVEN!! Over the next few months it continued to get worse until. After much scolding from my team of doctors I decided to go for the colonoscopy oh and on top of that I had to get an upper endoscopy. I only told a couple of people about this as that is just how I am. These two test and a boatload of blood work of the past month have finally gotten me to this announcement. I AM HEALTHY AND NO SIGN OF CANCER!!!!! I did have a tiny hemorrhage but I am under therapy to make sure that heals.

It turns out that grief, stress, and emotional trauma play a big role in your digestive health. I am learning to work through these issues little by little. It's funny how so many times we are there for everyone else lifting them up, helping them get through their struggles and forget to send love and healing to ourselves. I am currently working on finding joy again and falling in love with life again. My message to everyone is ... and I always preach it but don't practice it...LOVE LOVE LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! DO YOU! YOU CAN'T POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP. SENDING LOVE, LIGHT, AND HEALING ENERGY TO ALL. XOXO #loveyourself #shetalkstoangels444 #selfmaintainance #selfcare #emotionalhealth #grief #survivinglife #workingonmyinnerbadass #seasonedwoman #colonoscopy #nofear #faithofamustardseed

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