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Mercury Just Retrograded All Over ME!

So yes... Mercury went Retrograde yesterday. I always tell myself.. I got this and usually I do surf through the entire time mostly unscathed. If I get the effects it is usually at the very last. I know what i need to be doing.( reflecting, renewing etc.) But oh NO Mercury had to SHOW OUT yesterday and say girl you will learn from day one through the end. We happened to be in Houston for the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation Awards and as we were leaving our hotel room we gathered all our belongings and went to the elevator.. We waited and waited and waited, no elevator. So I said.. let's go down one flight of stairs and try the other elevator. lol still..... NO ELEVATOR.. I told Sierra I am so sorry do you think if i carry your bag you can make it with the rest of your stuff down 5 floors. She said yes Mom no worries. So we gathered up our belongings once again and started down the stairs.. YEAH!! We made it. We get to the 1st floor lobby an set our things down.. low and behold my pillow somehow fell out of my pillowcase somewhere between floor 1 and 5. LMAO At this point I was like UGHHH! Then we looked at the sign by the elevator and looked at each other and said.. Mercury Retrograde.. (Elevator was out of order for the hotel- go figure!) So i had to go trucking back up the stairs retracing my steps as my pillow was too expensive to just forget Anyway it was my favorite. YEP you guessed it.. it fell out on the 5th floor.. So i had an epiphany (message from my guides) telling me that I am always making promises to get back to my work out but lately I have not done it. I keep saying tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.... So they used the non working elevator/Mercury Retrograde as an advantage and helped my pillow fall out of the case so I would get a harsh reminder while I was making extra trips up and down 5 flights of stairs as to why I so need to get my butt back to working out.. needless to say I was laughing the whole way back when i realized the lesson in all of this. I told Sierra I was sorry that she had to go through all that for me to learn a lesson. Oh by the way... she was not out of breath.. only me.. She works out everyday and I am so proud of her. Anyway, we had a great time laughing and I learned my lesson. Guess who is back on the workout grind.. YEP ME! So thankful for the life lessons. Now if everyone can take this time of Mercury Retrograde RENEW, REFLECT, ETC.. Life will be so much easier. Everyone have a safe and productive Retrograde. :)

Be still and listen... THE MESSAGES ARE THERE!

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