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First of all let me start out by saying I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in January of 2017. I hadn't been feeling well for quite some time. My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health went on a downward spiral when my husband passed away in May of 2016. The world stopped for me and for my kids. We gradually realized that this was not a dream but our new reality. I never felt good period since that date and it just seemed to be getting worse. In January 2017 I drove myself to the emergency room ... a couple hours later the doctors told me I was diabetic. of course knowing me I argued with them but didn't win the argument. The doctor said my A1C was 12.5 and my blood sugar was over 500. If i didn't do something about it and make a change, I would not live to see 2018. Well, Being that my kids just lost their Father, i couldn't imagine them losing me too for something i could possibly help. I literally cried for 3 days. Then I just shook off the fear and made changes to my diet, exercise and mental thoughts. I thought i ate a some what healthy diet but in reality it needed an upgrade. I made the changes necessary which meant first of all more positive thoughts, better quality food, better quality water, and moving my body more. This along with energy healings helped me. Yes.. yes.. yes.. i was on a few diabetes medicines however i was determined to get off of those as quickly as i could. I am happy to report 20 months after my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis I am off all medications and have an A1C of 5.4. My blood sugars are under control. I am very proud of myself and want to encourage others to take a stand and make a positive change in their life. You can beat diabetes. Love yourself and make a change. I did and I am so happy I did. Love & Light to all. <3

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