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I know you are probably saying what they hey.. it is February why is she writing about Dandelions in December. Well the reason is simple. This message actually came to me on a gloomy day in December 2018. I was having a down day as sometime happens when it's cloudy for days. Then I received a message from Spirit reminding me I should be like a Dandelion in December. So I meditated on that for a while.. obviously a good while because I am now writing about it and we are half way through February 2019. First of all I know a lot of people look at the Dandelion and say ewe another weed or see it as a nuisance. I however do not see them as a weed. I had to realize they are like a splash of color on a gloomy day, they are healing, they are actually good for everyone. So the message I received was to be like a Dandelion in December. NO matter what kind of day I thought I was having I should first of all be grateful for all things great and small. Then be like a Dandelion in December by being the splash of color or kindness in someone else's day. This really hit home for me and that's why I felt lead to share with you. So my message to you is BE LIKE A DANDELION IN DECEMBER..... SMILE AT A STRANGER, DO SOMETHING KIND FOR SOMEONE WITH NOT EXPECTATIONS.... BE A SPLASH OF COLOR OR JOY IN SOMEONES DAY. I hope this brought a smile to your face or a splash of joy in your heart. Bringing kindness and joy to another person especially when you are feeling down will benefit both parties. Everyone have a powerful week. SPRINKLE LOVE, KINDNESS, AND JOY EVERYWHERE YOU GO! #infiniteblessings #shetalkstoangels444 #spiritspeaks #bestillandknow #bestillandllisten #bekind #belikeadandelionindecember #selflove #selfcare #payitforward #gratitudeislife #gratefulheart

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