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Not so long ago I reached out to God, The Universe, My Angels, & My Guides ( basically my whole spiritual team). I let them know that I was ready to grow into the being I was supposed to be on this journey. By doing this they began to use me, my body/temple as a learning tool or vessel if you will. I was made to feel very uncomfortable in many ways, so much at times I wanted to give up. I had been stripped of everything I knew. I learned how to be silent, how to let go, how to move on, how to stand my ground, how to be more understanding, how to fight, how to survive, how to be more assertive, more loving, and less naive. In being given these gifts I had to agree to take all that I have learned and share it with others. Hence this is what my life and my journey is about and hopefully during my journey I will manage to bring joy or a smile to at least one person and let them know that having the faith of a mustard seed is enough. You are enough. I am enough. Then all that I have been through will have been worth it.. That being said I have been through so many life lessons that now I am ready to close out old belief systems, old habits, and old cycles. It has been extremely exhausting and difficult mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Growth was and always will be necessary. I am excited to announce A new season is upon me! I am in a completely new space energetically. I AM READY!

Love and Light to all. Infinite Blessings!

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